"I very much appreciate you taking the time to keep in touch with me about the pendant I mentioned to you awhile back. Thank you for your wonderful customer service. That is definitely part of the reason I do business with you. It's too bad that more people are not like you."

"My Mobius pendants are beautiful! Not only are they works of art, but also have wonderful energy. The Mobius Strip has always had special meaning to me... I have used the symbol as a meditation focus point and as a creativity stepping stone. Thank you for these physical manifestations. I gifted my friend with the large pendant for the new millennium and she loves it, too!"

"Thanks, Marcia and John...my best friend is an environmental engineer from Ohio and we share a love for silver and unique jewelry. One (of the Mobius Strip pendants) is a gift for her. She will think it is awesome. For her it will have a double meaning. She is a proponent of recycling, but also on an inner life journey, too! The other one (of the Mobius Strip pendants) is for me. I'm so glad I found you on the internet."

"I'm getting married and my fiance and I wanted to give our children something special during the ceremony to let them know they are an integral part of this new blended family. My fiance came up with the idea of a mobius loop pendant. I couldn't find them anywhere until I found your website on the internet. These pendants are exactly about we had in mind. We are so happy with them. They will add a beautiful touch to the wedding ceremony."

"Thank you for your lightening quick response. The jewelry is quite intriguing. We have actually decided upon the Mobius Strip as the symbol for our group. Four others already have them and I am picking up 2 more for latecomers. I look foward to receiving them. I am very glad we found you!"

"Wow. Thank you for the quick reply. My fiancee and I ordered these to exchange for Christmas gifts this year. We wanted something nice to give each other and he saw these on-line. I am so excited. They're beautiful and I am sure we will cherish these necklaces"
 (Large sterling silver Mobius pendants)

"Wow. I have been meditating on the symbology of the mobius for the last 15 years. Can't wait to see your books! At present I see the mobius as representing the infinite, a source of spirular energy and a translator of negative to positive. It ties in with the magician in the tarot and everything."
   Peace and love. Ben, United Kingdom

"You're the best!
Thanks so much. I can't wait to get it and especially give it!"  

(sterling silver Double Mobius star necklace)

"Thank you for your order confirmation. Your Mobius pieces are outstanding. I'm sure my wife will enjoy for years to come." 

"I received the beautiful jewelry today... I am thrilled with it and put it on immediately. My husband, a computer programmer and a mathematician, was intrigued and impressed with it. It looks great, too, with my red hair. Thank you so much for such a speedy filling of my order and I will certainly be visiting your site again"

"We received your letter and article about the release of your handbook regarding the Mobius Strip. I had come across your website last fall when I curiously typed in my maiden name, MOEBIUS. Of course, I found it quite interesting and mentioned it to my husband, who placed an order for a piece of jewelry, which he gave to me as a birthday gift. I have enjoyed wearing the piece, especially since it depicts another rendition of my family name. As I am sure, you probably are aware of this symbol being the inspiration of many artists, in many mediums, through the years. I especially found of interest your mention of the symbolism of the Mobius Strip and its relation to many Eastern beliefs. Being a lifelong devotee of Vedanta, I have always thought it ironic that my name symbolized the teaching of which I embrace. Small world...I wish you luck in your venture and am proud that one of my family has made such a lasting impression on humanity."
    Michelle Moebius Hughes

"Just wanted to say we, my best friend and I, received the necklaces and love them! They are wonderful and we'll spread the word to all our friends where they could buy one as well."  (Large silver pendant)

"I received my order and I love them.  Thank you so much for your prompt, courteous service."
 (small silver Double Mobius star pendants; one with denim lapiz stone and one without)