The Mobius Dream Portal

by John Galleher
Psychic Astrologer And Tarot Reader

PUBLISHED in The Metaphysical Guide to Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows 2003
and Intuitive Explorations, published by Somnial Times 1998, Quincy, Illinois

"We are pleased with the look and content of this year's guide and you were part of it.
Thanks for all your great work."

~ Luanne Napoli, Editor-in-Chief of the Metaphyscial Guide 2003,
published annually by Continuity Publishing, Bellingham,Washington


    The Dreamworld always has been very real to me. Friends have suggested that it is indeed more real than our waking reality. I have traveled the path of self-discovery for more than 30 years, and my dreams have played a significant role in my journey.
I was leading a class in dream awareness in the spring of 1995 when a series of synchronistic events opened a new doorway for me, literally. I was reading the The Wheel of Time series- the best selling series of metaphysical novels by Robert Jordan- when things got real interesting. These books deal in part with the use of magical amulets and talismans and efforts to restore balance to the planet. One of these amulets, known as "ter'angreal", gives the wearer the ability to enter the dream state with full consciousness. By its description, I recognized this amulet to be a Mobius strip, whose surface "was twisted so it had only one edge."

I wanted to share this discovery with some spiritual friends who are part of a Tibetan Buddhist lineage. They came to visit and brought with them a book they were excited to share with me. It was a book about Tantric Buddhism practice with the title The Wheel of Time.

    I felt I was being given a sign by the universe to explore this curious shape and its hidden meanings. My next step was to give form to the dream amulet. Silver is the metal ruled by the moon and thus is connected to the night and the subconscious mind. I had a dozen amulets cast in sterling silver and was surprised by the beauty and elegance that emerged.

    It was only fitting that I would first try the amulet on myself. The first night I wore it to sleep, I dreamed I was standing in a doorway. As I passed through, I was greeted by a group of beings who wore blue caps and cowls and identified themselves as the Reitan. (My wife, Marcia, later pointed out the word "retain" to me.) These beings became teachers and healers for me. In one dream sequence they came to me and spoke of the pain they felt I was carrying inside of me. One by one they came and hugged me. Each hug released a torrent of tears held deep inside. I woke up in the morning with the catch in the throat that follows a good cry. I felt incredibly renewed by the experience.

    It was time to introduce the amulet to my dream class. The results were incredible. Students spoke of being visited by beings who drew the Mobius strip in the sand and revealed it to be a symbol of the transformation to unconditional love and acceptance. Others were taken back to childhood traumas and were able to see the meaning of these experiences.

    These events began in 1995. Since that time I have done extensive research on the Mobius strip. I discovered that the mathematical formula for the shape is called the Mobius transformation. August Ferdinand Mobius, the German mathematician and astronomer who discovered the shape in 1858, was born under the astrological sign of Scorpio, the ruler of rebirth and transformation. Marcia noted that the Mobius strip is the universal logo for recycling- transformation on the material plane. It represents the process of transforming waste products back into valuable resources. I have found that the Mobius strip twists from inner to outer and back again, representing a continous process that breaks down the barriers of duality. It creates a portal between the waking world and the dreamworld and allows access to guidance from the universal mind. The Mobius strip is introduced to help break down the dualistic barriers that separate and fragment our existence.

    John Galleher, a psychic astrological counselor and tarot reader and Marcia Galleher, a hatha-yoga instructor, live in southern Arizona with their three children, David, Crystal and Jesse. Together they continue to explore the magic and mystery of the Mobius strip.


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