The Mobius Transformation 
The Mobius Transformation

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     'The Mobius Transformation'
   by John Galleher
(co-owner of Mobius Products and Services)

      This book reveals the sacred geometric principles embodied by the mathematical shape known as the Mobius Strip.
As the universal symbol of recycling, the Mobius Strip promotes transformation on all levels.

'The Mobius Transformation' presents a philosophical over-view that brings together physics and metaphysics in a tantric embrace.

  ' There's only one side...and we're all on it '.

41-page handbook $8.88 each
ISBN #: 0-9676459-0-5

"Just writing to thank you for the inspiration of your mobius jewellery and books. I wanted to explore the mobius further and that is how I found your website.  Your book John has opened up more wonders of the symbol and I wear the jewellery to help me live into the challenge.
Blessings on your wonderful work. May you continue to flow the creativity of the
mobius strip. " 
Customer from Ireland . 2013