The Double Mobius: Interdependence 
The Double Mobius: Interdependence

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The Double Mobius: Interdependence
by John Galleher
(co-owner of Mobius Products & Services)

Volume II of The Mobius Transformation series

(from the Introduction)

 Letting go allows the energy of the Universe to flow though us. The flowing shape of the Mobius Strip beautifully symbolizes this process. The shape of the interconnected Double Mobius Strip represents the flow of energy through the great network of interdepenent relationships that make up our Universe.......The Double Mobius Strip represents the harmonius interaction of seemingly independent beings and systems.
It represents the coming together of the spirtual and environmental movements.....
I was involved with a meditation group at the time and began to incorporate the symbolism of the Double Mobius into my meditations. I immediately felt a strengthening of my connection to the Earth. I felt and continue to feel a greater awareness of the part that I play in the spiritual/ecological networks that make up this living planet.

'The Double Mobius: Interdependence'
expresses the interconnected relationships
that exist between all beings and all systems of being.

41-page handbook $8.88 each
ISBN #: 0-9676459-1-3

"I appreciated learning about the double mobius strip.  I am going to a conference on advocacy for eco-justice next week.  We are asked to bring a symbol of our advocacy work and I am bringing the mobius strip jewellery but will also bring a copy of your double mobius strip book because planetary healing and inner healing are all one piece. Blessings on your wonderful work. May you continue to flow the creativity of the mobius strip."
Customer from Ireland . 2013