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ReUnion - an audio CD
ReUnion - an audio CD

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Enhanced by inspiring instrumental rhythms, traditional chant and the sounds of Nature.

Marcia in Marichyasana

Seated Eagle Pose


Includes a booklet of the postures in sequence.

Goddess of good fortune, health,
prosperity and abundance

ReUnion is a rejuvenating practice of meditation, mindful breathing, seated poses with twists, standing flow postures, lunge poses and foward bends.
ReUnion is an easy-to-follow audio CD translated into a meditative, transforming experience for yoga students of all levels.

 The year was 1969.
As a teenager living in New York, I discovered yoga.
My mother originally went to a yoga class to observe.
Upon her return she said, "It wasn't for me, but you might like it."
The following week she took me to that same class.
The room was dark and lit by candles.
The male instructor wore a white hindu-style robe,
as did his two female assistants.
I learned the headstand that first class.
In savasana, I fell deep asleep.
Years later, I reflected on that initial experience of yoga.
How unusual it was for a 15 year old to relax that much!
I live, study and teach yoga from those original impressions today. .

One hour 7 minutes
ISBN# 0-9676459-2-1
© 2004

Remover of obstacles

ReUnion Reviews

video/audio reviews BY RICHARD ROSEN

Traditionally, yogis take yoga to mean "union," which suggests that the goal of the practice is the joining of two separate entities, the embodied Self (jiva atman) and the great Self (parama atman). But since these two are in reality forever inseparable, their disunion only illusory, you can argue convincingly that the culmination of the practice is more accurately described as ReUnion - the title of this CD.

Whatever philosophical nuances she might intend, Marcia Galleher offers a straightfoward sequence. It begins with 10 minutes of meditation and breathing followed by about 50 minutes of asana: a couple of seated foward bends and twists, a 15-minute modified Sun Salutation, a variation of Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana, here called Diamond Pose), a short reclined releasing pose and Corpse Pose. Sounds familiar, but the session has a good deal to recommend it. Galleher's precise, emphatic, yet down-home delivery almost makes you feel you're right there with her in class. She supports her instructions with engaging imagery, knows a thing or two about alignment, and adjusts her instructions to suit both beginners and intermediate students.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
This CD is a flowing session of hatha yoga with accomplished yogini Marcia Galleher. Starting with a prayer and guided meditation, the hour-long session then takes you through some breathing exercises (pranayama) and postures (asanas) with Galleher giving continual guidance about how to adjust into the practices. There's lovely music to go along with many of the tracks and the CD comes with a booklet of pictures so you can make sure you're doing the asanas correctly. The session ends with a meditation in corpse pose (savasana) to allow your body and mind to relax fully and deeply. It's a great way to start the morning!
Natural Beauty and Health Magazine, MAY 2005 PEARLY BAKER BEST

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Love it! It's obvious you really worked on this. Love the bird sounds behind you and the appropriate music for each section of the practice. The fold-out showing the poses is so good. It's all you! This CD will serve well those who are wise enough to purchase it." -
GUY ATCHLEY TV Anchorman KGUN9 News- Tucson, Arizona and Yoga Teacher

"I just did your new CD. Wonderful!!!!! I feel so renewed and by back popped with the twists and feels 100% better. Loved the new CD. It was harder than I expected but I feel so light and free now." -
BEVERLY ANGEL Certified Yoga Teacher

"Your CD is totally magical. Thank you for so seducing me into stillness through your presence, the chanting, the instruments and nature. You have blessed my home with your energy, through the yogic path; for that I feel most grateful. Playing your CD allows for genuine surrender. I so appreciate you as my teacher."
ROSEANA RODCAY Integrative Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher

"The photos of the poses are so easy to understand."
CATHY WERTZ Yoga Student

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