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Chair Yoga Flow DVD Video
Chair Yoga Flow DVD Video

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DVD Video  40 minutes with Marcia Galleher

Chair Yoga Flow: Wellness for Every Body offers a smooth sequence of postures seated in a chair accompanied by inspiring music.
This guided session focuses on the movement of the body through the awareness of the breath.
Experience the release of stress while gaining flexibility, strength, balance and improved mental concentration.
Naturally develop a sense of peace and calm within.

CHAIR YOGA is an excellent form of yoga for those limited in mobility, disabled or for the elderly, also beneficial for the beginning yoga student.


This program is intended to offer the participant enhanced health and well-being in body and mind.
The guided instructional video is not offered as a substitute for medical advice. Consult your doctor before beginning this chair yoga session.

DVD Video   $14.00

Special Flower Meditation included in video

"I just finished taking your chair yoga flow DVD class. I feel great. Very nice scripting, poses, pace... loved it! You did a great job of putting it all together and I'm sure that took time. I will bring it (the DVD) with me when I teach chair yoga and let the students know about it if they want to practice on their own. I also enjoyed the "Over the Ocean" music in the background."
Sally Weber  Tucson yoga instructor 

"The chair yoga DVD is wonderful. 
It is so nice to have it so I can practice at home.
I hope my family and friends will enjoy and benefit from the practice as much as I have."

" I took the first class  Marcia ever taught maybe 20 years ago. I enjoy her teaching.
This DVD is more intimate and centering for me in regards to interpersonal work for my psyche. It helps to ground me when I am overworked or too excited about a project. The running time is 40 minutes and of course, the video can be combined with other workouts. It is a true jewel of a gift from Marcia."

"I highly recommend the DVD: Chair Yoga Flow : Wellness for Every Body, created by, Marcia Galleher because it is, as it states : beneficial for any fitness level, regardless of a person's yoga orientation. In addition, Marcia invites one to explore their inner being ; this tends to be an ever changing level of experience... Her 40 minutes presentation is so personal, one feels as if she is in the room with you. The visuals are beautiful, too. Excellent job! Thanks so very much, for your giving of self, Marcia." 

            10 minute introductory class video of CHAIR YOGA with Marcia Galleher:   http://youtu.be/L3FMZ7lu-gk


                8 minute introductory CHAIR YOGA video with Marcia Galleher http://youtu.be/A5N0NuQe_RA

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