written by John Galleher (co-owner of Mobius Products and Services)

     The Mobius Dream Portal

  " The Dreamworld has always been very real to me. Friends have suggested that it is indeed more real than our waking reality. I have traveled the path of self-discovery for more than 30 years and my dreams have played a significant role in my journey.
    I was leading a class in dream awareness in the Spring of 1995 when a series of synchronistic events opened a doorway for me, literally.  I was reading The Wheel of Time series...when things 'got real' interesting. These books deal in part with the use of magical amulets and talismans and efforts to restore balance to the planet. One of these amulets, known as "ter'angreal", gives the wearer the ability to  enter  the dream state with full consciousness. By it's description, I recognized this amulet to be a Mobius Strip, whose surface "was twisted so it had only one edge".

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    The Challenger Tragedy

  " After twenty-four successful missions in space, something went wrong, terribly wrong. As I sat in stunned silence in the days following the tragedy of the space shuttle Challenger, I decided to look to astrology for any insight that it might offer toward understanding the disaster. I constructed a horoscope for the time lift off, or "birth", of the mission, at 11:38 am, EST on January 28th, 1986."

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